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Toronto Maple Leafs owner Ken Holland is suing to prevent car modification

Toronto Maple Leaf owner Ken Hobbs is suing the city of Toronto, saying he’s been discriminated against because of his race and a “black car modification” he made.

The suit was filed Thursday in Brampton provincial court against the city and the city’s Licensing and Standards Directorate.

Hobbs said the city was discriminating against him because he had a car modification that involved changing the front bumper to a black one.

Hobbs said he bought the car modification for $7,000 from a dealership in Mississauga in August 2015 and had it shipped to Toronto in November.

The lawsuit says the modification involved a black and white color scheme and a new, larger rear spoiler.

It said Hobbs received a written reprimand letter from Licensing after it was discovered that he had made the modification.

Hobs said he filed a complaint with the city in February.

The city told him he could not file a complaint because he was a “protected class” under the city bylaw.

Hobbybs said his car is registered to him but that the modifications are not his property.

He said the modifications were made for him and his wife.