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How to make a japanese electric car

A japanESE car company is selling an electric car that’s based on an old Japanese car that was recently sold in the US.

It looks a lot like the Toyota Prius, and it’s called the EVJ-2, and according to its specs, it can go up to 90 kilometers (62 miles) on a single charge.

This means that it can travel the same distance in as little as 4 hours and it comes with a range of about 120 kilometers (80 miles).

It’s going to be really hard to beat the Tesla Model S, and I think EVJ2 will definitely be a great addition to the EV-scene. 

The EVJ 2 comes with five electric motors, two of which are lithium ion batteries.

The motors can be used to charge the battery up to 20 percent, and they can be charged at any time.

The car is capable of traveling up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) in less than three hours.

It’s a really impressive EV that could prove a great competitor to the Tesla P85, and its price is going to make it very competitive to the Prius. 

I have an EVJ in the works for my family and I’m already excited about the EV J-series EV car.

It will be very interesting to see how they go.