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When a Car Modification Job Becomes an ‘Entertainment Job’

A job as a car modification technician is no longer just a fun gig, according to a new report.

In fact, it’s now a job that many employers are turning into an entertainment career.

“The number of entertainment jobs have gone up and the entertainment jobs are growing faster than the work of car modifications,” says Mark Pincus, managing director of the car modification jobs division at CareerBuilder.

“We’re seeing a lot of companies looking to find ways to expand the job.”

For example, JobLink recently launched a job for a car mod artist.

“They’re looking to add some new elements to their cars and to show off the parts that they’ve got,” says Pincu.

“In addition to that, they’re looking for people with experience working with cars and people who can drive the cars.”

JobLink is the third major car modification job site to hire people for car modification work.

JobLink currently employs more than 1,500 people.

JobBuilder is also expanding its car modification and engineering jobs, and it is also adding more jobs in that field, with new jobs opening in the automotive industry.

“With the explosion in car customization, we’ve been seeing a steady stream of job seekers come to us seeking creative automotive modifications,” Pincas said.

“As the economy continues to recover and businesses start to return to profitability, there’s an opportunity for people who have the experience to get hired.”

Some companies have found that hiring people who know their cars will help them retain and retain top talent, says Pindar, who is currently the managing director at the automotive consulting firm The Center for Automotive Technology.

The more experience a person has, the more likely they are to be retained.

“It is very difficult to find top talent in an industry that is changing so quickly,” says the head of The Center.

“The ability to have a good knowledge of the cars and the modifications, the ability to understand how to drive a car and the ability, and most importantly, the confidence and the drive to do it is a great asset in a job.”

JobBuilder is looking to hire for its car mod job listings in the U.S. and Canada, and the company is currently recruiting in the United Kingdom, Italy, the U