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Qatar car modification manhua

A Qatari man has built a luxury car with custom modifications and a new name – the Qatar Car Modification Manhua.

The Qatari car modification website says the car is made by a “highly experienced car builder” and it’s a “world class car”, with a “great price and reliability”.

The website claims it’s worth up to $100,000.

Its owner says he’s “not a car nut” but said the car has a “clean” appearance and “no flaws”.

He said he was inspired to build the car after his wife died.

Mr Ali said he wanted to make something special for his daughter’s birthday.

“She’s a car lover and her dad is a car dealer and so we wanted something special that she would love,” he said.

The website says he spent about $1 million on the project.

The man, whose real name is Ali Zaidi, said he had a vision to build a car for his wife’s birthday, and he knew it would take “time” to complete.

“The time has come,” he wrote on his website.

“So we started to build and now we have a car that is truly special for the family.”

Qatar’s president Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has expressed his gratitude for the car.

He said it was an “extremely important event” for Qatar and it would have been a “historic event” to build an automobile for the country.

“It’s a very important moment for Qatar,” Mr Al Thansi said.

“I wish everyone who wants to work in this industry would be willing to work hard.”

The Qatar government has previously said it had no plans to introduce any new regulations on the car industry.

The car has an estimated value of $400,000, with the price of its owner unknown.

The BBC’s David Prentice reports from Dubai.