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Israeli car-related repairs in Israel: The numbers, the cost

Car parts and accessories, accessories for motorcycles, car-repair kits, car tires, airbags, windshield wipers, roof tiles, and more are all covered by the Israeli government’s car insurance system.

However, for some car-modifications, like installing a roof, a windshield, and a new engine, the total cost may not be covered.

The Israeli insurance system, however, offers discounts on certain repairs, and it is possible to obtain a free quote from the company.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Israel, a national insurance agency, Israel has the third largest insurance industry in the world, with an annual turnover of about $100 billion.

The average insurance price for cars in Israel is $2,872.

The insurance industry is still relatively small compared to other developed countries, but it is growing.

Insurance prices have gone up since Israel’s 1967 war with the neighboring Arab state of Jordan.

In addition, the country’s health care system is more developed than the U.S. and other developed nations, and the country has become a hub for foreign investments.

According to the International Insurance Federation, Israel ranks fourth in terms of insurance coverage among the countries of the world.

The Insurance Bureau also offers discounts to its members for car parts, airbag and other vehicle modifications.

According, the Insurance bureau offers discounts for some parts, such as a new exhaust pipe or a new hood.

It also offers an “assist” for car owners who need to replace the tires, a “bump stock” for owners who want to replace an older vehicle’s suspension, and new parts for vehicles like motorcycles.

But for most car owners, the insurance company offers a discount of about 70 percent.

In addition to the discounts, the company offers discounts and discounts for parts and repairs, such, the car parts and the insurance parts.

The insurance companies offer a variety of services to its customers, and for those who do not know which service to choose, the prices are displayed on their websites.

For example, the discount for an airbag replacement is 80 percent of the premium.

If a car is bought with a spare airbag, the premium will be 50 percent.

The Insurance Bureau offers discounts of 50 percent for parts, while it charges the manufacturer a premium of 15 percent for the parts.

However if the car is purchased with a new car, the new parts and insurance will cost only 15 percent of what was previously paid.