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Car modification news

Car modification and cars are a hot topic these days.

Many of the modifications that have been made to the cars, trucks and SUVs are illegal in many countries.

In the United States, there are laws that prohibit modifications to vehicles that are used to commit a crime, but in Canada, the law only applies to modifications that are “necessary and reasonable for the safe operation of the vehicle”.

The National Motor Vehicle Safety Foundation says this loophole is causing so many problems that the government is considering legislation to close it.

One of the ways the government will close the loophole is by allowing people to make modifications to their own vehicles.

That is exactly what one Toronto man has been doing for the past two years.

The owner of a blue Ford Expedition said that he has a lot of friends who are interested in buying a vehicle that is too big for them and has a big, bulky exhaust.

“I’ve got friends who want to go to an event and get a custom-built SUV,” said Michael McNeill.

“I’m one of them.”

Mr. McNeill says he started modifying his Ford Expedition in 2015 after a family friend asked if he wanted to make his own SUV.

After months of research, Mr. McNeil finally got a custom version that he named the Expedition.

When Mr. MacNeill first drove it, he said it looked a little different than the standard Ford Expedition.

He said it is about 1,000 pounds heavier than the one he drove in college.

But he also noticed that it had more room inside.

He decided to add an exhaust to make it bigger and more comfortable.

In order to make the exhaust larger and more efficient, Mr, McNeill took parts from an existing SUV, cut it in half and welded the pieces together.

Mr. McMinnan said he had to take some of the car’s interior and paint it a bright red to match the Expedition’s exterior.

He said that it was not easy to find the parts and tools to make an exhaust for his vehicle, but after finding a couple of them online, he decided to take them on as a test drive.

Once the exhaust is completed, he will have a larger SUV that will be even bigger than his original.

He plans to drive it in Canada this year and in Europe next year.

For now, Mr McNeill plans to keep his Expedition in Canada because he doesn’t have insurance and he is unsure of where to buy the next one.

But after he is done modifying it, his friends will be able to purchase it.

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