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How to get a kochian bootlegging vehicle from your kochia to kochai

This article originally appeared on FT Alphaville.

Read moreThe latest batch of cars to be offered by kochis as bootleggers are the Mazda6, which is an electric crossover with a 2.5-litre petrol engine, and the K1, a hatchback that features a 5.0-litres petrol engine.

While the K6, the top-selling electric crossover in the US, is being sold with a manual transmission, it will also come with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The K1 is also being offered with a four-speed manual transmission and comes with an electric motor.

While there is no word on pricing, the K2 will be offered with an all-electric powertrain, while the K3 is being offered as an all electric car.

While the K4 is being produced by a subsidiary of KK, the name K4 means ‘electric car’ in koch.

As for the K5, it’s not known when the K7 will be available, but the K8, a petrol powered car that will be sold in North America, is currently being produced.

Kochia is the world’s largest car manufacturer, with around a dozen car models under its belt.

It also has its own online platform, where users can request a car modification, and can purchase them through the Kochia website.

Kochi has said that the K10, the flagship electric car, will have a range of over 2,200 kilometres on a single charge.

Kochi is also planning to roll out a car with a range rating of up to 1,000 kilometres on an average charge, and that it will be produced with electric powertrain.