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Car modified to make it harder to detect cars

A car with an ultra-thin body is now being used in an ultra high-speed police chase and police are using it to track down car thieves.

The car, a BMW M5, is equipped with a laser scanner and a camera system that can scan up to 50 vehicles per second.

This system is capable of detecting almost anything from a speeding SUV to a BMW X5 that is in a parking garage.

The car is fitted with a high-resolution camera system with a range of up to 15km.

The technology is being used by the police in an effort to identify and track down criminals and terrorists, who have been taking advantage of the ultra-low-tech cars.

The police are also using it in an attempt to catch stolen goods in the city.

The BMW M3 is equipped, however, with a sensor that detects if a car has stolen a valuable item and is then alerted to take action.

Police are also hoping to use the laser scanner in conjunction with a new high-tech tracking system to find stolen goods.

The new system, dubbed LIDAR, has been developed by US company Xperience Technologies.

Police say that the system is more than just a tracking system.

It will be used to help police track down people who have stolen goods and people who are engaged in criminal activity.