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Toyota offers $15,000 for car with custom exterior, interior, and exterior paintjob

Toyota has made a big deal about its new car with its new, premium exterior paint scheme, and now it has made another splash in the car community.

The new Toyota Supra is offered with a $15 (about $27) custom paintjob, but you can also get it with a stock exterior paint job for about $20.

The company says the new Supra comes with a black exterior paint, red interior paint, and silver exterior paint.

It has a black and white interior, a gray interior, white exterior, and red exterior, according to the website.

The Supra will be available in the United States in the second half of next year.

The new Supras, which is currently the most expensive new Toyota vehicle ever, is coming off of a great start in the market.

It’s already been the No. 1 selling Toyota SUV in the world, and it’s been selling well in the European markets.