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New Zealand car modification culture

Auckland, New Zealand, is not known for its car modding culture, but this weekend was a day to see cars go up in flames.

The fire was started by a man who had a piece of car bodywork installed in the middle of his garage.

The garage was filled with burning cars, and there were a lot of cars.

“It’s very difficult to remove something from the car,” said one of the firefighters.

“There are all sorts of little pieces that have to go through the grinder to get it off.”

Some of the vehicles involved were in poor condition.

One was a 1987 Ford Thunderbird that had been driven for years without a battery, and had been left on the curb for a few years.

It had a flat tire.

The firefighters had to lift the car to get the battery out.

“This was one of those situations where we knew this was going to be a long night and we knew we needed to get out there and get the car off the curb as quickly as possible,” said fire captain Paul Smith.

“We’ve got to get as much off the car as we can.

It’s a big job, but we have the tools, we have all the tools to do it.”

The firefighters pulled the car apart and pulled the battery from the engine compartment.

The battery had been removed, but the engine remained on the engine block, with its coolant running through it.

The engine was a 1997 Subaru Impreza WRX, with a 4.2L, 3.6L turbocharged engine.

“The car was basically just sitting there,” said Smith.

The vehicle was not insured.

“I’ve been here since 2009, and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said firefighter Paul Watson.

The car had a sticker on it that said it was not registered, but he said it had a tag on it indicating it had been used for work for over 15 years.

The tag had not been removed when firefighters pulled it out.

He said it would take a couple of hours for the car body to be removed.

Smith said it is common practice for companies to install cars that are in poor shape.

“If a company is going to put their body on a vehicle that is in bad shape, they are doing it for a reason,” he said.

It has been sitting in this particular garage for a long time.” “

They have a reason to install this particular piece of bodywork.

It has been sitting in this particular garage for a long time.”

There was also a burnt out Subaru Legacy.

It was in a different garage, but it was also not registered.

It is not clear how long it was in the garage.

“A lot of people will go through a garage,” said Watson.

“For some people, it will be months.”

There were about five cars in the fire, including a 1997 BMW M3 that had a broken front axle and was parked outside the garage, according to the fire service.

They are all listed as being damaged.

“People are just in disbelief that a car can go this far, especially in Auckland,” said the fire chief.

“When I was at work a couple weeks ago, there was a fire on my house.

I was driving through and there was another fire on the side of the road, and a car came flying through the air.

That was just one of these things that happened.”

Smith said there are a lot more fires like this in New Zealand every year.

“That’s a very, very, low proportion of fires,” he added.

“So, we’re not going to make it the norm.”