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NK car modification is in the works for 2018

NK is in talks to modify cars for 2018.

NK, the carmaker which has been producing electric vehicles since 2008, is looking at modifying the vehicles to allow for a range of different applications.

The carmaker has started testing a range from an electric SUV to a small utility vehicle with an electric engine and charging capabilities.

The NK Cars division, which manufactures electric cars and utility vehicles, has already built prototype models of its hybrid electric cars for the first time, but has yet to finalise a production model.

The division has already begun testing electric vehicles on road courses for the NKS Cars division.

“The NKS car division is still in the process of finalising a range to be used by the company in 2019, but we are working on it,” NK Motors President and CEO Ramesh Sharma told ET.

The company is working with Hyundai Motor to develop a range for a utility vehicle, Sharma said.

Hyundai Motor is the major owner of Hyundai Motor India, NK’s parent company.