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When you have to buy your own car, it’s time to go online car-modification checker

A new app from car-maker Daimler aims to make it easier for customers to buy their own car-related modifications, a trend that’s already seeing the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Audi selling their own body kits online.

Called car-model-modifying-service, the service is available to anyone in Germany who has a current car and has a car-specific insurance policy.

In order to get started, customers must upload a photo of their vehicle, and then a description of their car’s modification and a description on how it should look after it’s been modified.

They can also upload photos of their modifications, as well as detailed information on how they will be used.

The app allows users to select the type of modification they would like to purchase, and it even lets customers specify what modifications they want to be performed on their vehicle in a specific order.

The Daimlers app will also allow customers to add their own customizations to their vehicle as well.

Users can choose from multiple types of modifications, ranging from suspension modifications, to engine upgrades, to tires and suspension upgrades.

The company plans to launch the app in Germany this year.

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