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Which Qatar car will be the next to be modified by the Football Italians?

Car owners in Qatar have had enough of having their cars modified for sporty driving, and the Football Players’ Union (FPU) is looking to bring their hobby back to the Gulf.

The Qatar Association of Car Clubs (QACC) recently launched the QACC Sport Car Club, which is aiming to give Qatari car owners a vehicle that’s just as capable as the ones they have on the road.

The QACC’s main objective is to bring Qatari-built cars back into the sport and create a more accessible vehicle for the growing number of car owners in the Gulf, which the association estimates are currently under-represented in the sport. 

QACC Sport cars are currently available in three variants: the Qatari Sport Car (QSC), the QSC Premium (QSP) and the QSB (QSB).

Each car is also equipped with the latest in car safety equipment.

The club also aims to offer car modification workshops to help car owners improve their cars and prepare for their first season of driving in the QAFL.

The association said it expects that over the next two years it will offer the QSPs and QSCs to car owners. 

A car modification workshop will cost QACC members between 1,000,000 to 2,000 a month, and a QACC member will also get a car for free.

The cars will be available to QACC Members for two years after which, the club hopes, they will be sold in Qatari dealerships. 

The QACs aim to provide a second source of income for QACC, since it is not the main source of revenue for the association, which relies on sponsorship and advertising. 

“For many car owners, the only source of finance for their car is the car dealership,” the QAC said. 

Currently, there are around 7,000 car owners who use car rental agencies and car rental companies in the country. 

This is despite a government ban on leasing cars in the kingdom.

“Many car owners have been left out of the sport because the government has not given them the means to purchase a car,” the club added. 

However, QACC has found that a lot of car enthusiasts are keen to have a car that is easy to drive, which would help them to improve their driving skills. 

According to QAFC, Qataris are now the most popular car owners among the people in the Middle East, and are the second most popular country in the world behind the United States. 

In a report in December, the association reported that Qatari cars are among the most luxurious cars in Europe, after the United Kingdom.