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What to know about car modification book and its contents

A popular car modification books that purport to teach car mechanics how to make their cars look like cars that they’ve never seen before has been suspended after being found to be false.article The book was published in October of this year and was a hit with the public.

The author, Chris B. Kavanagh, claimed to have a degree in engineering and a master’s degree in automotive engineering.

It featured a variety of car modifications, from installing headlights, taillights and rearview mirrors to adding a windshield to an Audi, a Porsche and a Jeep.article After the book was released, BKavanagh and his team received a cease and desist letter from the Car Modification Book Association of America, which is a trade association for car owners.

According to the letter, Kavanaghan’s work was “without valid authorization and without approval of the Association.”

The association said the work featured “inconsistent methods of detailing, vehicle fabrication, and assembly, as well as inaccurate vehicle model details and incorrect specifications,” and that the book contained “false and misleading information.”

The Association said it will pursue legal action against Kavanakh for copyright infringement.

Kavanagh said in a statement that the Association’s complaint was “unfounded” and he was “confident that we will prevail in our case.”

The organization said it was not satisfied with the book’s description of the process for modifying cars.

KAVANAGH: “When it comes to vehicle modification, it’s very simple.

It’s just the right amount of detail.

I do this all the time.

And it takes time.

It takes hours.”

It added, “The car I’m modifying is a ’98 VW Vanagon.”

Article The Association said in an email to The Globe and Mail that it is “looking into the matter” and “will work with any responsible party to remove the book from circulation.”

The Car Mod Modification Association of Canada did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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