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What you need to know about the Toyota Camry’s battery pack

The Toyota Camrys battery pack has always been an important piece of the automaker’s lineup, and this year Toyota is finally getting it right with the new Camry S.

The battery pack on the Camry, which Toyota says has the capacity of 800kWh and can run for four days on a single charge, is similar to that of the Prius Plug-In hybrid.

The Camry battery pack is a larger version of Toyota’s Prius plug-in hybrid, which has a 300kWh battery that can be used for up to four days in an electric car.

The battery pack also has a smaller battery pack that can go for a shorter period of time.

The Prius battery pack, which was launched earlier this year, is smaller than the Camrys, and can only be charged with a charger with a nominal capacity of about 30 kWh.

The new Toyota Camroys battery pack uses a new technology, called “Caveat Discharge,” that enables Toyota to charge the battery pack for longer periods of time, with the battery powering the entire vehicle.

It also has more efficient packaging to reduce the amount of pollution emissions.

The carmaker also said that its batteries will last longer in the event of an emergency, with a battery pack lasting about one year on a charge, compared to the Priuses.

The Toyota Camries battery pack will be available to buy starting at $25,000.