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Virtual car modification center in Dubai opens with new service

Dubai: A new virtual car modification service provider has opened its doors in Dubai, offering car modification for a fee.

The Dubai Virtual Car Modification Center (VCMC) is the first of its kind in the Middle East, with the aim of giving consumers a simple way to repair or modify a car, said the VCMC’s founder, Mohammad Al-Ahmad, in a statement.

“I believe that we are creating a revolution in car repair in the UAE,” said Al-Ahed, adding that he is keen to see a “world-class car service” for his clients.

“It’s an industry where we can be a part of the revolution,” Al-Abbas added.VCMC’s service is open to anyone who wants to buy a vehicle and modify it.

“You don’t need a licence or a permit to repair your car,” said Mohammad Al-‘Ahed in the statement.

“You just need to pay a fee and the car will be repaired.”VCMC, which started in Dubai in October, said it will have a “specialised range of repair services” including one dedicated to the sale of cars that are in the UK, US, Italy, India and Australia.

It also said it has a “unique” car warranty, with customers able to pay for repairs that are made by a third party.

Al-Avedas team is working on a mobile app to make car modification easy.

The VCMC will be available in Dubai from the end of next year, with plans to expand to other countries in the future.