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— The newest craze for car mods, which involve replacing the paint on cars and trucks with colorful stickers, is about to get a major boost from a California garage.

A car modification that allows owners to change their cars’ exterior colors with a spray can of paint is set to be a part of the 2019 Toyota Corolla.

The company behind the product says it has received hundreds of requests for its “color-changing spray can” from California customers, who said it would help them get the car’s look they want, even in places where there are no painted cars.

The car modification, which is currently in its infancy, is called the “color change kit.”

It uses a spraycan to paint the exterior of a car and attach a colored paint plate to the front bumper.

The spray can, which costs about $40, can be ordered online and shipped to a California address, the company said in a statement.