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When Hyundai decided to get rid of its iconic blue and green badge…

Hyundai announced in March that it was planning to retire its blue and white badge in favour of a more modern design.

The company said the change would take place over the next five years.

In June, the company announced that it had acquired the brand from US automaker Volkswagen for $37bn (£22bn) in a deal worth $17bn.

The brand is still owned by Hyundai’s parent company, Kia Motors, which has been owned by the company for almost two decades.

Hyundai is now selling the carmaker’s brand in the US, as well as selling off the remaining cars in its own US assembly plant in Elkhart, Indiana.

Hyundai did not say how much it would cost to make the change, but it did say it was working with car and equipment manufacturers to ensure that the new design was as affordable as possible.

The new design has two side pods and a rear bumper.

The front bumper will have a new grille, and a front spoiler will be added.

The car will sport a new rear wing with a single rear diffuser and an upgraded rear wing.

The rear wing will have wider flaps and be less susceptible to water splashing.

The changes will also see the car come to an end with an end-of-life date of 2020.