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It looks like the Xbox One X might be the best Xbox One console ever?

IGN readers have voted that the Xbox one X might actually be the Xbox’s best console ever.

The winner of the survey, which ran from March 11 to April 8, was an anonymous user from Germany who said the console would be “the best console Xbox has ever made.”

IGN also recently reported that Microsoft is developing a new console called Project Scorpio that will have the same specs as the Xbox X. Now, an Xbox Insider has confirmed that the X will have a new name for the console, and it’s called Xbox One S.

This is a great news for Xbox fans, and I have to admit I’m a little skeptical that Microsoft’s plan will be to use a new codename for the Xbox 1X.

But it’s nice to see a new Xbox One codename finally confirmed in 2017, as we’ve been waiting a long time for the new console to arrive.